Insert a drawing into another doc type

With Google drawings, you can create and collaborate on flow charts, design diagrams, and other types of drawings. You can also chat with other editors from within Google drawings, publish drawings as images, or download drawings to your computer. To get started, just go to your Docs list, click Create new and select Drawings.

Once you’ve created your drawing, and have edited and shared it with others, you might want to insert it (embed it) in a Google document, for example. Use the web clipboard to copy the whole drawing, or any selection within the drawing, and paste it into your doc using the web clipboard.

copy drawing

The embedded drawing is a copy of the original, and both can be edited independently after copying. So, if you need to make any minor changes to the drawing, you can edit it from within the document. Simply click first the drawing and then the Edit link that appears. This version of Google drawings includes a more limited set of features.

You can use Google drawings to enhance your presentations. You may want to design complete slides within drawings and then use the web clipboard to paste them into your presentation when they’re complete.

Once the drawing has been embedded, you can’t share that version as a separate doc. However, you can use the web clipboard again to copy and paste the embedded version into a new drawing that you can share.