Open source components and licenses

Included Software and Licenses

The following Open Source Software is distributed and is provided under other licenses and/or has source available from other locations.

Package name License
SQLite Public domain
Google Data Python client library Apache License 2.0
pySqlite2 The zlib/libpng License
wxPython wxWindows Library License, Version 3.1
PyObjC MIT license
python-gflags BSD License
psutil BSD License
Boost Boost software license
curl MIT/X derivative license
Expat MIT-style
International Components for Unicode MIT/BSD
JQuery MIT
libunwind MIT
BoringSSL BoringSSL License
UTF-8 Library Lucent Public License 1.02
zlib MIT-style
Dokany LGPL
Chromium Breakpad Breakpad License
Chromium CrashPad Apache 2.0
Mini Chromium BSD
Mozilla Top Level Domain List MPL 2.0
Boost Boost software license
pywin32 PSF
python-keyring PSF
apiclient MIT
uritemplate Apache 2.0
futures BSD
decorator BSD
enum34 BSD
httplib2 MIT
pathlib MIT
oauth2client Apache 2.0
yappi MIT
biplist BSD
python2.7 PSF

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