About the Google Drive app for Android

This article describes the latest version of the Drive app for Android. To get the latest version, download an update from the Play Store.

The Google Drive app lets you open, view, rename, and share your Google Docs and files. Here’s what you can do in the Drive app on your Android phone or tablet:

  • Open and view your files and Google Docs
    • Note that supported file formats depend on other apps installed on your Android device. If your Android device is able to open TXT files, for example, Drive will be able to let you view them too.
  • Edit Google documents
  • Use other apps to open unsupported file types stored in Drive
  • Rename your files
  • Share something from your Google Drive with other people
  • Star something for easy access
  • Make files available to view offline
  • Print files using Google Cloud Print

Every time you open something with the Drive app, it’ll update to the latest version of the file. If a collaborator is actively working on something, you won’t see updates being made in real time unless you’re working on a Google document.

Tips for using the app

  • Tap the arrow to the right of an item's name to open the preview panel and Share it, Rename it, Remove it, Move it to a different folder , Make it available offline, Print it, Send Link to it to other users, or Send it to a different app. Most of these options are located under the Menu button in the top right hand corner of your screen.
  • Tap the item's name to immediately open and view it.
  • Learn more about printing files directly from your Android device using Google Cloud Print.
  • Google Docs, files and folders refresh every few minutes when you have the app open. Every time you open, close, and reopen an individual item, it’ll be updated.
  • Learn about using the app for editing Google documents, viewing Google presentations, and accessing Google spreadsheets.