Upload a document

You can upload existing documents to Google documents at any time. When you're uploading, you can either keep your document in its original file type or convert it to Google Docs format. Converting your document to Google Docs format allows you to edit and collaborate online from any computer.

Note: When uploaded, images within a document are left as images (rather than being converted to text by Optical Character Recognition technology).

You can upload the following file types:

  • .html
  • .txt
  • .odt
  • .rtf
  • .doc and .docx
  • .pdf

Follow these steps to upload a document:

  1. Click the Upload icon in the top left of your Documents List.
  2. Click Files..., and select the document you'd like to upload.
  3. Click Open.
  4. Check the box next to 'Convert documents, presentations, spreadsheets, and drawings to the corresponding Google Docs format' if you'd like to be able to edit and collaborate on the document online. Uploaded document files that are converted to Google documents format can't be larger than 1 MB.
  5. Click Start upload. The uploaded file will appear in your Documents List.