Request removal of personal intimate or sexual content

We understand that the non-consensual sharing of private, nude, sexually explicit, or intimate images and videos of you can be distressing. Intimate content includes depiction of a place (like a bedroom or bathroom) and circumstance (like a clothed pose) with a heightened expectation of privacy.

Google may be able to help you or someone you’re authorized to represent remove content that:

  • Is nude, intimate, sexually explicit (for example, images or videos of you) and is distributed without your permission; OR
  • Is fake or falsely depicts you as nude or in a sexually explicit situation; OR
  • Associates you or your name with the nude or sexually explicit imagery, or via the context in which it is displayed

This form enables you to request that sharing of these images and videos be restricted on Google products, including:

  • Blogger
  • Drive
  • Groups
  • Photos
  • Sites
  • Classroom

 Start removal request

Once your request is received:

  1. You get an automated email confirming we’ve received the request
  2. We review your request.
  3. We gather more info, if needed. In some cases, we may ask you for more information. If the request doesn’t have enough information for us to evaluate, like missing URLs, we’ll share specific instructions and ask you to resubmit the request.
  4. You get a notification of any action taken. If the request doesn't meet the requirements for removal, we’ll also include a brief explanation. If your request is denied and later you have additional materials to support your case, you can re-submit your request.
  5. We may also let the person know that there was a request to restrict sharing of the imagery.

Frequently asked questions

Which URLs do I submit for review?

You must submit all the page URLs that you want us to review for removal from Google products. If you’re concerned with the large number of images in the page, you can also provide a screenshot or if you’re submitting an image, provide the image URL in addition to the page URL. (Learn how to find the URL)

How do I submit more than one URL for review?

In the URL field of the form, add one URL per line. You can submit up to 1,000 URLs.

Why was my image not restricted?

There are times when we can’t restrict sharing of an image. For example, we may not restrict sharing of images that are newsworthy or documentary, have a strong public interest, contain unidentifiable subjects, are not actually photos, or if we can’t find the images in question. We will be sure to email you a brief explanation as to why your image was not restricted.

I’m still concerned, what else can I do?

It’s important to understand your rights and get support that’s right for you when you need it. You can access some support resources in our Help Center.
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