Access Google Docs on a mobile browser

You can access your Google Docs on specific mobile devices. To get started, point your mobile browser to

Here's what you can do from the Documents List in a mobile browser:

  • Search for files and Google Docs
  • Sort your docs by Name, Last Modified, and Last Opened
  • Narrow your docs by Owned by me, Starred, Document type, or Collections
  • Star docs
  • Select multiple docs

mobile documents list

Open and view a file

When you open a document from your mobile browser, you'll access the Mobile view by default. However, you can switch to the Desktop view at any time by clicking Desktop at the bottom of the screen. Desktop view isn't available for Google spreadsheets.

After selecting the file you want to open, you'll see a preview. Then, you can browse through the multiple pages of your file by clicking the arrow keys in the toolbar above the document. You can also zoom in and out of the preview, using the magnifying glass buttons, also in the toolbar.

mobile view

Learn more about editing a Google document on your mobile device.

Supported file types

If you're using Google Docs from the mobile browser on an Android or Apple device, you can view the following file types: .pdf, .ppt, .doc and .docx. You don't need to download the file, and you can easily scroll through the doc and zoom in and out in the viewer.