Where can users donate to my nonprofit on Google?

Currently, users in eligible countries searching for your nonprofit directly on Google.com will see a donation button in your nonprofit's Knowledge Panel, after you have signed up to receive donations



Why isn't a donation button showing up for my nonprofit?

The Knowledge Panel donation button will not show up in search results all of the time. 

If the Knowledge Panel for your nonprofit is focused on local content (like map directions), the donation button will not currently display for donors. This may change in the future. 

As long as you ensure that your nonprofit is signed up to receive donations, your donation button will display in Search when it is available.


Note: It may take at least 7 business days before your donation button will appear, after you sign up



I no longer want to participate in this program

To opt out of receiving donations through Google, visit donate.google.com/home/nonprofits, select "Google Search", and click "Disable donations through Google Search" If you are having trouble opting out, you can contact us here.


Note: It may take at least 7 business before your donation button is removed, after you opt out
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