Manage your Guidestar preferences

Google and Network for Good, Inc. (NFG) rely on Guidestar's database to disburse donations to nonprofits. 

In order to receive donations through Google, please ensure yoru organization has not opted out of receiving online donations on your Guidestar profile.


To manage your preferences on Guidestar, you need to:

  1. Claim your profile
  2. Ensure that you are opted in to receive donations
  3. Confirm that you have an accurate address on file


How do I update my nonprofit's name?
  1. Sign in to your GuideStar account.
  2. At the top of the page, click Update Nonprofit Profile.
  3. Click on your organization's name.
  4. in the Basic Information section on the left, change your nonprofit's name.
  5. Click Publish Changes Now and agree to GuideStar's Terms of Use.
  6. Click Finish and Publish.

The update will appear on your GuideStar profile within 48 hours.

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