Transfer a domain to Google Domains

Domain transfer requirements

To transfer a domain to Google Domains, you must have permission and cooperation from the domain’s current owner.

Transfer cost

To transfer a domain to Google Domains from another registrar, you must typically buy one additional year of registration. In these cases, this additional year of registration is the only cost involved with transferring a domain.

Tip: Check the reference of domain ending details to confirm the cost and registration requirements for domain transfers.

Transfer restrictions

Wait times

You must wait approximately 60 days after the purchase or transfer of a domain before you can transfer it to Google Domains. Check with the current registrar for their specific limitations.

Get notified when your wait time is up

If you’d like to receive an email when your domain is eligible to be transferred to Google Domains, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to Google Domains and sign in with the email address you want to receive the email.
  2. Open the menu Menu.
  3. Click Transfer.
  4. Enter the domain name you’d like to transfer in the search field.
  5. A message will appear under the search bar indicating that the domain was created less than 60 days ago. Click Request an email notification.
  6. A message will appear at the bottom of the page confirming that your email address will receive a notification when the domain becomes transferable.

Maximum registration period

In some cases, renewing the domain for the required one additional year causes the domain to exceed the maximum registration period. In these cases, you must wait until renewing for one year does not extend the total registration period beyond the maximum allowed.

Tip: Check the reference of domain ending details to confirm the maximum registration period for your domain.

Outstanding administrative action

If the current registrar for the domain has outstanding administrative action against the domain, you cannot transfer it until the matter is resolved.

Transfer during the auto-renew grace period

When you don’t renew a domain, the registrar automatically renews the domain. Then, you have an auto-renew grace period to cancel your domain registration. The auto-renew grace period is about 45 days for .com and .net domains and varies for other TLDs. When you cancel your registration, the registrar provides a refund for the registration cost.

If you transfer a domain to Google Domains during the auto-renew grace period, you won’t see an increase in the registration expiration date when Google Domains adds a year because the transfer cancels the previous renewal. To get a refund for the other year, contact the previous registrar.

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