Transfer a domain to Google Domains

Prepare a domain for transfer

Before you begin the process to transfer a domain, you or the current domain owner must complete a number of steps on the registrar where the domain is currently managed: 

  1. Unlock the domain. Many registrars provide an option to 'lock' the domain. This setting prevents users from transferring that domain. Check with the domain's current registrar for instructions on how to update the lock setting so that the domain is eligible for transfer.
  2. Get an authorisation code from your registrar. Most registrars call it an 'authorisation code', 'transfer code' or 'EPP code'. The authorisation code is a unique string of characters, for example '5YcCd!X&W@q0Xozj'.
For .jp domains, look for the REG-ID code (e.g. REG-##-####-####). If you can't find the code, you can use the placeholder code REG-00-0000-0000.

Your registrar may also require you to make your WHOIS contact information public by turning off privacy protection for the domain. Most registrars call it 'private registration', 'WHOIS privacy', 'registration privacy' or 'privacy'.

Note: If you turn off privacy protection, your WHOIS contact information may be publicly available while you complete the transfer process. After you've successfully transferred your domain, you can make your information private again.

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