I received a warning "The authorization code you provided cannot be used for" my domain. What do I need to do?

The authorization code is unique for each domain and is assigned by the registrar. When you transfer in your domain, you provide the authorization code to Google Domains. We then check the authorization code against the records at the registry to confirm that it is correct and that you have permission to transfer the domain.

When you see the message that the authorization code cannot be used, it could mean:

  • The code was not typed in correctly. Please type the code in manually (do not copy and paste) and try again.
  • You may have entered a space before or after your authorization code. Please re-enter the code, making sure not to include any leading or trailing spaces.
  • The code expired at your registrar (not all registrars use temporary codes) before you requested the transfer. Please request an authorization code from your registrar again.
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