Transfer your G Suite account

Currently, you manage G Suite users and billing in your Google Domains account. You can transfer your G Suite account from Google Domains to G Suite directly. Your G Suite services continue uninterrupted.

Why would I transfer my account?

  • Annual discount – G Suite includes the option of a discounted annual subscription, but this is only available through G Suite billing. Learn more.
  • G Suite Unlimited – upgrade your account to G Suite Unlimited, which includes unlimited storage and Google Vault archiving for all users. Learn more.

How do I transfer my account?

1. Transfer your account from Google Domains
  1. Sign in to Google Domains.
  2. Select the name of the domain that you'd like to transfer.
  3. Open the menu Menu.
  4. Click Email.
  5. Under 'Get a custom email address', click the Settings drop-down list and select Manage account.
  6. Click Transfer my account. Confirm the transfer in the dialogue box.

After you transfer your account, you won't see your G Suite users listed in your Google Domains settings, but their G Suite services continue as usual. If you need to manage users, sign in to the G Suite Admin console.

Also, when you transfer, billing in Google Domains stops immediately. You have 30 days to set up billing in G Suite or your service is suspended.

2. Set up billing in G Suite
  1. Sign in to your G Suite email with your G Suite username. That contains your domain name, like, not
    Already signed in to another account? Find out how to switch between accounts.
  2. Once you're signed in, click Google apps Google apps at the top and select Admin to open the Admin console (you might have to click More).

    If you don’t see Admin, your account may not have administrator privileges. Contact the person who signed up for G Suite with Google Domains who can make you an administrator.
  3. Click Billing in the Admin console.
  4. Select your G Suite product and follow the instructions to set up payment information.  


How does my billing change when I switch my account to G Suite?

After you transfer your account to G Suite, billing stops in Google Domains; you aren't billed for the rest of your monthly cycle. You have 30 days to set up billing in G Suite or your service may be suspended.

After you set up your billing in G Suite, you are charged at the beginning of every month. If you transferred billing in May, for example, we charge you at the beginning of June. After that, automatic charges continue to occur at the beginning of each month.

Learn more about billing in G Suite.

What happens to my user settings, domain aliases, email preferences and other G Suite settings when I transfer my account?

All application settings are preserved when you transfer your account. G Suite services continue uninterrupted during the transfer process.

The only difference is that now you'll manage your users in the G Suite Admin console.

If I transfer my account, do I have to edit my DNS settings (MX, SPF, service URLs)?

No. Your DNS settings remain unchanged. If you need to make changes to your DNS records in the future, you can do so in Google Domains.

How do I add and manage users?

After you transfer your account to G Suite, you add and manage users in the Admin console. Learn how to add more users.

Email forwarding for your domain is managed in Google Domains.

When I try to update billing in G Suite, it says, 'Contact your reseller'. What should I do?

Your billing hasn't switched from Google Domains to G Suite. Repeat the steps to Transfer your account from Google Domains. If you continue to have problems, contact Google Domains Support.

I transferred my account to G Suite. Why do I get a message that my account has been suspended?

After you transfer your account from Google Domains to G Suite, you have 30 days to set up billing or else your account is suspended. If you set up billing in G Suite and are still having problems, there may be another billing issue. Learn more.

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