Transfer a domain between Google Domains accounts

The steps below apply to transferring a domain that is registered in Google Domains to a different account. If the domain is registered with a different registrar, see Transfer a domain in for instructions.

When transferring to another account within Google Domains:

  • You do not need to wait 60 days after registration to transfer a domain.
  • You do not have to purchase an additional year of registration to complete the transfer.
  • You can keep the domain’s web, email, and if present, G Suite configuration. After transferring, it is still a good idea to test these to make sure that your domain is still serving. 


Start the transfer process: Click Transfer in in the left navigation panel, enter the domain name that you want to transfer, and click Continue

If step 1 tells you to go to your current registrar, the domain is registered with a different registrar. Check the spelling of your domain. If it is correct, see Transfer a domain in for instructions to transfer from another registrar.

  1. Get an authorisation code to transfer the domain.
    1. Select I don't have an authorisation code yet to get an authorisation code.
    2. If you do not own the domain, work with the owner of the domain to log in to Google Domains and get an authorisation code. See Transfer a domain out if you need instructions. 
    3. Log in with the email and password under which you own the domain. 
      • If you no longer have access to the account, click II've lost access to my account. Then enter the email address of the account the domain was registered under and click Verify to receive the authorisation code. 
      • See Transfer a domain from an account you can no longer access if you need instructions.
    4. Copy the authorisation code. 
      Note: It is a very good idea to paste the authorisation code into a text window temporarily to make sure you copied it correctly. 
    5. Click Continue to other account after you have copied the authorisation code.
    6. Log back in with the account that your are transferring the domain to.
    7. Select I already have an authorisation code.
    8. Enter the authorisation code and click Accept and continue
  2. Automatic Renewals: If the domain was set up to renew registration automatically, select whether or not you want to continue auto-renew on this domain. See Domain renewal and restoration for information about automatic renewal. 

    If you select to auto-renew, you will be asked to agree to automatic payments. You will not be charged until the domain is ready for renewal – the original end-date of the domain’s registration. 
  3. Domain Configuration: Select whether to preserve the domain’s web, email, and if present, G Suite configuration or to reset all your domain configurations. If you select to keep your settings, there will be no interruption in the service of your web pages and email. 
  4. Transfer! Click Transfer to complete the transfer process. Within a few minutes, the domain you just transferred will appear in the list on your My Domains page. 

Note: If your domain is registered with another registrar, follow the directions in Transfer a domain in from another registrar.

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