Domain Deletion

Rules for deleting a domain

How to delete a domain

How to restore a deleted domain

Rules for deleting a domain

Read carefully before you delete your domain.

Deleting your domain will immediately terminate your registration. Please note the following implications:

Resale and transfer

Your domain will be available for others to purchase after a grace period, typically 35 days. If you want to transfer your domain to another user, do not delete the domain. Transfer it to the other user instead. See Transfer a domain out.

Domain access

  • Once you delete your domain, DNS serving will stop.
  • Visitors to your domain will not see your website.
  • All email sent to email addresses at your domain will not be delivered. This includes email forwarding aliases and G Suite email addresses.

Timelines and fees

  • Immediately: Deleting your domain will end your registration. You will not be refunded for any remaining registration on your domain.
  • First 30 days: You may restore your domain within 30 days after deletion for the restoration fee plus purchase of one year additional registration.
    • Note: The restoration period varies for different domain endings. For most domains, you can restore within 30 days. For .CO domains, you can restore your domain within the first 15 days after deletion.
    • The restoration fee varies for different domain endings. It is typically around $100 USD.
  • 35 days after deletion: Your domain will be available for purchase by others 35 days after you delete it. You will not receive any additional notification.
    • Note: The period varies for different domain endings. Most domains are available for sale after 35 days. .CO domains are available for sale 15 days after deletion.

Additional services that will not be cancelled when you delete your domain

If you have additional services like G Suite, a blog, a third-party hosted website or custom DNS service, those agreements will not be terminated when you delete your domain. If you do nothing, you may continue to be billed for the services.

To end your account and stop billing, log into the individual services and manage your account:

How to delete a domain

  1. Click on the Expires tab (or ) for your domain.
  2. Scroll down to Delete domain.
  3. Click the Delete domain button.
  4. Log in again to confirm your identity.
  5. Read through the restrictions and click the Yes I'm sure, delete domain button.

How to restore a deleted domain

Within the first 30 days after you delete your domain (15 days for .CO), you can restore it with an additional restoration fee.

  1. Click on the deleted domain in the My domains screen. You should immediately see a dialogue, asking you to restore the domain.
  2. Click Restore my domain. This will automatically launch the payment method screen, where you can purchase a year’s registration to restore the domain.
  3. If you do not see the Restore domain dialogue, click on the Expires tab (or ) for your domain and click on Add registration or Add and restore registration.

Restoring your domain will restore the original registration period, plus adding the additional year. You will not lose any time remaining on the registration, except in the case where you would exceed the maximum registration term (see note below).

For example: If you registered until December 2015, and then you delete the domain in June 2015, restoring the domain (and buying an additional year of registration) will restore your registration and extend it to December 2016.

Note: If adding a year of registration will exceed the 10-year registration maximum (5 years for .CO), you must still purchase an additional year of registration to restore the domain, but restoring it will not add a year to your registration.

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