Domain renewal and restoration

Before you begin...

  • G Suite: If you purchased your domain through G Suite or Business email powered by G Suite, you must manage registration and renewal through the Google Admin console or Gmail settings hub.
  • Expired Domains: If your domain has expired:
    • Within the last 30 days* – Renewal grace period: You can renew your domain with no additional charge
    • Between 30 and 60 days ago* Restoration grace period: You can restore your domain, but there may be an additional restoration charge. Restoration charges vary for different top-level domains.
    • More than 60 days ago* Your domain will have been deleted from Google Domains. You will have to search for and re-register the domain. It may have already been registered by another owner.
  • *Note: The time periods listed above are true for most domains, but some domain endings have different times for renewal and restoration. See the Domain ending (TLD) reference for the Renewal grace period and Restoration grace period for your domain.

Renewing your domain registration

There are two methods to renew your domain:

  • Auto-renew renews your domain every year, within the month before the domain expires. You will be billed yearly for your auto-renewal when it occurs.
  • Add years adds the number of years you select to the registration up to the ten-year registration limit.

Turn on auto-renew

To enable auto-renew, do the following:

  1. Click the Expires tab .
  2. Under the Registration heading, click Turn on auto-renew.

    Note: Once you enable auto-renew the icon for the Expires tab will change to .

This will automatically launch your Google account in a window, asking you to confirm your purchase. You will not be billed until the auto-renewal process actually occurs, within a few days of your expiry date.

Once enabled, your domain registration will automatically be renewed every year on the expiry date. The registration fee will be billed to your credit card using your Google account. Auto-renew only works while your credit card is valid.

Add years to your registration

Note: .jp domains do not support manually adding years. You must use auto-renew to renew a .jp domain. 

You can register most domains domain for up to ten years. See the Domain ending reference to see if your domain has a different limit.

To add years to your registration, in the Expires tab or for your domain, click Add years and select the number of years to add.

This will automatically launch your Google account in a window, asking you to confirm your purchase.

Restoring your expired domain

If your domain has expired within the last thirty days* follow the instructions for Renewing your domain registration above.

If your domain has expired between 60 and 90 days* ago, you can restore it with an additional restoration fee, typically around $100. The length of the grace period and the amount of the fee are determined by the registry and will be different for different domain endings (TLDs). See the Domain ending (TLD) reference article for your domain to find out the amount of the restoration fee. 

  1. Click on the name of the domain in the My domains screen. You should immediately see a dialogue, asking you to restore the domain.
    Oh no! expired on Aug 14, 2014. Since It
  2. Click Restore my domain. This will automatically launch your Google account in a window where you can purchase a year's registration to restore the domain.
  3. If you do not see the Restore domain dialogue, click on the Expired tab for your domain and click on Add registration or Add and restore registration.

See Expiry and deletion of domain registrations for more information about domain expiry and restoration policies.

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