About G Suite with Google Domains

Integrate with Google Apps

With G Suite, you can create custom email addresses for your domain, such as you@yourbusiness.com, add email aliases, and manage all your mail from one inbox.

Each user subscription includes 30 GB of online storage, calendar, video conferencing, docs, and more tools for your business. If you need help, the G Suite Support team is available 24/7. 

Pricing: G Suite is $5 per user per month. You can cancel at any time. 

Sign up for G Suite

Sign up takes just a few minutes, and you can start using your new professional email address immediately. 

In your Google Domains account:

  1. Go to My domains in the navbar and then click the domain to sign up for G Suite.
  2. Click the Email tab.
  3. Under Custom email with G Suite, click Get Started.

Follow the steps to create your custom email address and G Suite account and set up billing. You are the administrator for your G Suite account so you can add users and manage service settings.

After you sign up, check out the Quick Start page to start using your new email. Also, you can learn about using your online doc, storage, video conferencing, and other G Suite services. 

What's the difference between email with G Suite and Google Domains?

Both Google Domains and G Suite offer email addresses that use your domain name. But G Suite gives you a dedicated inbox for your work email address, plus access to the business versions of G Suite like Drive, Docs, Calendar, Forms and Sites.


Email forwarding in Google Domains

  • Up to 100 email aliases per domain

These email aliases forward messages to another email address you own. For example, you create the alias sales@yourbusiness.com that forwards to your personal Gmail account. 

G Suite email 

  • Professional email address and mailbox for each user
  • Up to 30 email aliases per user (additional email addresses such as sales@yourbusiness.com)
  • Email lists for your business
  • Domains aliases -- add another domain you own for free

Also, each G Suite user account includes Google Drive (file storage and sharing) with 30GB, Hangouts (video meetings and chat), Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms, Calendar and Sites.

How G Suite email can work

Anne, the owner of KitBeat.com, creates her G Suite account, anne@kitbeat.com.

Professional email: To post on her website, she creates the addresses info@kitbeat.com and sales@kitbeat.com -- at no additional cost.

With G Suite, she can add other domains she owns. When she adds her business domain, MixxBeat.net, she  automatically gets the address, anne@mixxbeat.net, and at no additional cost. 

She can send, receive, and manage messages from all of those addresses in her anne@kitbeat.com mailbox.    

Team communications: Anne creates the mailing list, support@kitbeat.com so her customers’ requests go directly to all of KitBeat’s support staff. As the business grows and changes, she can add new user accounts to G Suite.

What's different about purchasing G Suite with Google Domains?

You get the same G Suite features, services and 24/7 support whether you purchase G Suite through Google Domains or through the G Suite website. 

Here are few differences in account management if you purchase G Suite through Google Domains:


  • Automatic setup of Gmail, and email protection features like DKIM and SPF, for your domain.
  • Some administrative tasks, such as adding or delete users, are managed through your Google Domains control panel (rather than the G Suite Admin console).

Billing and Upgrades

  • Billing is monthly. No annual option is available.
  • Payment is managed through your Google Payments account.
  • Upgrading to G Suite Business is not available at this time.
How many domains can I add to G Suite?

You can add up to 20 domains as domain aliases to your G Suite account. When you add a domain as an alias to your primary domain (the domain you first signed up for G Suite), all of your users automatically have email addresses at both domains. For detailed information, see domain aliases.

I already have a G Suite account. Can I merge my new account?

You can't merge an existing G Suite account with a new G Suite account purchased through Google Domains. 

However, any G Suite account that uses a domain managed through Google Domains, can be easily set up with email security features like DKIM and SPF and custom service URLs for G Suite. 


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