Understand your registrar of record

The registrar of record is the registrar listed in the WHOIS record for your domain as being where your domain is registered. Google Domains is the direct registrar for many domain name endings, also known as top-level domains (TLDs). We have partnered with other registrars to offer many more TLDs which we resell from them. This does not affect the cost and Google Domains is still your point of contact for registration services, help, and support. However, a different registrar may be listed in your WHOIS data as the registrar of record for some domains.

Review our list of domains endings for more information on their registries.

In most cases, Google Domains will still be your primary contact for questions or issues with your domain registration. However, please be aware that in rare cases, your registrar of record might contact you directly (for example, as a result of ICANN regulations).

Giving you an amazing experience whether we are your direct registrar or your reseller is very important to Google Domains, so we strive to offer the same experience everywhere where possible.

For more information on your interaction with your domain's registrar, see ICANN's web page on Registrants' Benefits and Responsibilities.

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