Host a Google app on your domain

You can configure your domain to host an App Engine app through the Google Cloud Console and Google Domains:

  1. Go to the Cloud Console and select your project or application.
  2. In the left menu Menu , go to App Engine and then Settings Settings.
  3. Click the Custom Domains tab.
  4. Click Add a custom domain.
    • If your domain is already verified, the domain opens in the Select the domain you want to use section. Select the domain from the drop-down menu and click Continue.
    • If the domain you want to use is not listed:
      1. Select Verify a new domain from the menu .
      2. Enter your domain name (such as “”).
      3. Click Verify.
      4. Enter information in the Webmaster Central window that opens. For help with using Webmaster Central, go to Webmaster Central help.
      5. Return to the Add a new custom domain page in the Google Cloud Console.
  5. In the Point your domain to [project-ID] section, specify the domain and subdomains that you want to map. When you've added all the mappings you want, click Save mappings.
  6. Click Continue to find your domain's DNS records..
    • In the next steps, you’ll input this information into your Google Domains account.
  7. Return to Google Domains.
  8. Select your domain.
  9. Click Menu.
  10. Click DNS.
  11. Scroll to custom records and create the CNAME record mapping for your app. For example, if your subdomain is “app” then your record will appear as the following: CNAME 1H

For more information, go to Mapping custom domains.

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