This article provides an overview of the WHOIS database and how to perform a WHOIS lookup.

How it works

A WHOIS database stores information about domains such as the following:

  • Registration information
  • Creation and expiration dates
  • Name servers

You can search for domain information in a WHOIS database by performing a WHOIS lookup.

How to perform a WHOIS lookup

To perform a WHOIS lookup in Google Domains, follow these steps:

  1. Search for the domain in Google Domains.
  2. If the domain isn't available for purchase, you will see the Unavailable icon Block .
  3. Hover over the icon and click Lookup WHOIS in the dialogue box that appears.
Google Domains only manages WHOIS results for .COM and .NET domains For other domains, that domain's registry manages the WHOIS results. You can choose to use private registration, but the registry controls which fields are displayed in a WHOIS lookup.


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