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As a registrar, Google Domains helps with many things. We need to confirm a few details before we route you to the best team of specialists to solve your problem.

Check whether Google Domains is the registrar for your domain

 To check if Google Domains is the registrar for your domain, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Google Domains and search for your domain.
  2. Under Results, click More options.
  3. Click Find out who owns this domain.
  4. Check if “Google LLC” is listed as the registrar for the domain.
  5. If a different registrar is listed, contact the registrar listed for further assistance.
If Google Domains is your registrar, Google Domains Support can help with your problem.

Domains purchased directly from Google Workspace

If “Google LLC” is listed as the registrar and your domain is purchased directly from Google Workspace, the Google Domains support team can help with:

  • Adding DNS records to set up your website, email, or other domain configurations
  • Locking or unlocking your domain
  • Domain privacy settings
  • Domain transfers
  • Other domain-related information

For the issues listed above, contact Google Domains Support.


For all other issues, follow the instructions below to contact the Google Workspace support team:

  1. Make sure your account has permission to do these steps. To continue, switch to an administrator account. This opens the Google Admin console. Learn how to sign in to your Admin console.
  2. At the top right, click help
  3. In the Help window, click Contact support.


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