Report domain name abuse

Google’s priority as a registrar is to offer secure, safe, and user-focused tools that allow individuals and businesses to get online. 

If you have a concern about a domain name registered with Google Domains, you can report certain types of abuse to us.

Each report of abuse creates a ticket in our system that a support agent manually reviews. If the abuse violates our Terms of Service, the domains may be suspended and the user notified through email. Learn about domain suspensions.

Important: If you suspect your form of payment was used for an unauthorized Google Domains transaction:

  • Check to make sure the purchase wasn't made by a family member, friend, or colleague.
  • Report the transaction to the Google Pay team with this form for unauthorized purchases.

Types of abuse

Google Domains manages the registration of domain names only. Abuse that relies on the domain name system may be within our scope. Abuse that relies on other web services, such as content hosting, may not.

Before you report abuse to Google, confirm that the domain name in question is registered with Google Domains (Google LLC). First use the WHOIS lookup. Then refer to information below for guidance on specific issues. 

Phishing uses email or websites to improperly obtain personal information. If you suspect you’re the target of a phishing attempt, do not click links, open attached files, or share any personal information. Report domain names registered with Google Domains involved in phishing to
Malware is malicious software designed to disrupt, damage, or gain unauthorized access to a computer system. If you suspect a domain name registered with Google Domains has distributed malware, report the issue to
Spam is an unsolicited commercial email. If you suspect a domain name registered with Google Domains engaged in spam, report the issue to

Google isn't in a position to make determinations in trademark disputes between domain name owners and third parties. Learn more on how to address these issues and consult Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy (UDRP) and the Uniform Rapid Suspension Policy (URS).

For more information if you think your trademark has been infringed on by content hosted by other Google services, use Google’s online removal forms.

If you have a court order that concerns a domain name, submit it via this form.


As a domain name registrar, Google Domains doesn't control website content. Contact the host provider. For copyright concerns, learn how to contact the registrant in the section below.

If you believe the domain name registrant uses other Google services to host material that infringes copyright, refer to Google’s online removal forms.

Contact the registrant

WHOIS data refers to the name and contact information a registrant provides when they register a domain name. When you complete a WHOIS lookup, you may have access to certain contact information, such as the registrant’s email address.

Google Domains provides most registrants with the option to protect their privacy. This restricts their personal information from being shown in a WHOIS lookup. In these cases an anonymized email address is frequently provided to contact the registrant.

Learn more about WHOIS.

Report suspected child sexual abuse 
If you suspect a domain name is used to enable or promote child sexual abuse, complete this form.
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