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Sum imported values of csv to existing names/values on sheet I have a team point list. We export scores into a csv and add them by hand, per person, to an existi…
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Sort Google Sheet by horizontal headers, not the columns I am attempting to sort a Google Sheet using headers as the first row of the columns. This works fin…
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Import Range internal error From last 2 week, there is an error issue in my sheet. It did not run as before and allways appear e… Username & Password QR code Hi all, so basically what I am trying to do is generate a simple qr code that autofills my username …
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Trying to make a simple populated grocery list from recipes Hi there, I have been searching around for formulas that may make this work, but they are all a litt…
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I don't want my form respondents to be able to edit the form. They should only see it in preview mode on their computer or mobile! I don't want my form respondents to be able to edit the form. They should only see it in preview mod… Table of Content and Numbered Lists in Google Docs As the question "Table of contents and numbered list" (18th november 2015) is locked and replying ha… How to compare every 7th column in Sheet1 against every column in Sheet2? I have 2 sheets in a google sheet. Sheet2 is a master sheet which multiple people are editing in ter…
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The new categories I added don't show up on the transaction sheet I added some new categories to my budget, but when I'm trying to enter the values in on the transact… How can I see who I have already sent my google form to? I need help seeing whom I have already sent a google form to. Anyone know how to check that? Thanks.
0 Recommended Answers 17 Replies 110 Upvotes
How can you make the words go in a curve? I have tried to use format options but it does not show
0 Recommended Answers 3 Replies 12 Upvotes
How do i lock a doc for editing I am trying to lock a shared docs (word file) against editing from other users. I am the document ow… Alternative to Arrayformula with indirect references? Hello, I have a column of cell references (A:A) that I want to use in an arrayformula(indirect()) fo…
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How do I use Comic Sans? I have been trying to get Comic Sans on my Google Sheet for a while now. It doesn't come up in the m…
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Compare A to B and display differences? If I have 3 columns of names in tab B, C and E of 1 sheet The names in E should contain all the same…
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Count active and passive hours per my working day I try to use Google Form and Spreadsheet to get a record of my working day activity. I send data usi…
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convert array from excel - references separate file trying to move some fiscal spreadsheets over to google sheets for sharing advantages. Have an array …
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Formula with multiple values great than and lesser than Hi, I'm trying to work out a way to choose a risk score to see if driving hours are compliant after …
0 Recommended Answers 3 Replies 0 Upvotes
Need script to count views I share for free with some colleagues a list of news and curiosities about ice-cream market I find o…
0 Recommended Answers 7 Replies 0 Upvotes
Arrayformula with multiple conditional formatting from different columns Hi community, I need my column to input 15 everytime a G2:G column is lunes and where Z2:Z is 0 but …
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