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Show Value from Row Address with Arrayformula Hey Guys, I need to show the value of a cell, using the "address" of the cell with an Arrayformula. … Is there a way to automatically add a new row to target when one is added on an ArrayFormula source? I am trying to allow people to make a decision if they like or dislike something from tab Like/Disli…
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Google Slides - Toolbar/ Menu bar disappeared. Ctrl+Shift+F doesn't bring it back! Hi there. I'm working on a Chromebook, trying to use Google Slides. My main menu bar has disappeared…
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Hiya! Can my school Tell if I’ve left a google doc/ presentation? How does it work? I have a test today on these platforms and my school says they can tell if we’ve left the test thing…
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Google docs keeps freezing Last night, for the first time in the years I've been using Google Docs, it started to freeze on my …
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How to reaolve Goigle docs encountered error And error 403 I tried to check everything but nothinh happens
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Can't Auto-Populate Data on Google Sheet I have a google form which is populating a google sheet (sheet 1). I would like to organize the info… Get Last updated user email on specific sheets and specifics row Hey guys, I need some help with my project right now. So, I got a workbook with multiple sheets on i…
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Keep on Wear OS reorders lists, how to file a bug report? I'm finding that just viewing a Keep Notes list item on Wear OS is enough for the list order to chan…
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Failure using IMPORTXML Hello, I'm trying to import data from site https://www.tesourodireto.com.br/titulos/precos-e-taxas.h…
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Query linked to variables values? Hi, if there is a GSheet Angel, it would be great to have a clue on how to use Query & Arrayformula … Hi good people, is there any way to auto copy a row to another sheet? I have a spreadsheet and am trying to create a formula that if on tab Stock - column J says sold in …
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editing an offline Google Doc takes me back online - ? I'm pretty sure I have completed all the steps to set up offline editing. I have a Google Docs folde… copy all data except null from a range to a column in another sheet to make a list I want to copy the values in a range from cell A4 :AG to a single column T of another sheet avoiding…
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Decimal needs to be different in the first 4 rows I need to format the first 4 rows in a column with 4 decimal and the rest with 2 decimal. If I sort …
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How to restore Google tables for yesterday? I have lost all the data from the table for the last 6. How to restore Google tables for yesterday? I have lost all the data from the table for the last 6 m…
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Delete that duplicate row that has a certain value , which is in another column HI, I got 2 different duplicates , one by name, one by ID. I need to delete the ones with a lower sc…
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One of my sheets can no longer be shared because it is "inappropriate", don't know why. I don't know why the sheet was determined to be "inappropriate", it's a damage spreadsheet for a pop…
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Getting tons of spam docs shared with me I keep getting rage spammed via google products and it is getting on my last nerve. First I was gett…
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Voice Commands Not Working This has been posted, but, as far as I can see, never addressed and the threads simply closed. Voice…
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