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Filtering an area left and right from a matching cell See https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1-7hFEut9Rw2--PLCu3RvIGTemm5jaqruMUPZ_-h-Mbk/edit#gid=438…
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How can I add new form responses I want to do a form prediction of match results. I would like allow users typing only numbers. Just … Add to value of several cells based on a single checkbox I want to do this: https://support.google.com/docs/thread/82122258/create-counter-button-that-adds-a…
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Does ImportFeed() automatically refresh itself? I'm curious whether IMPORTFEED() will refresh itself periodically if I've set recalculation to every… School Door Security checks. I am looking for a way to have two QR codes by each of our external doors for security checks. If th…
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When importing Powerpoint to Google Slides the import screen is too big to click on import slides. I am able to choose all the slides I want to import but the import screen does not allow me to impor…
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Google sheet is not allowing me to type new notes, after adding query formula! How do I fix it? I created a google sheet to view the entries we receive from our google survey. I wanted the new ent…
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Dropdow Menu / Print Issue I use the new dropsown menu to repetitive data entry tasks. I want the options chosen to be shown as… How to calculate according to ranks? Hello editors, What should I do to calculate marks according to students rank? Basically there are 3… Is there a way to preserve multiple hyperlinks with VLOOKUP? I have a document that compiles all my students' lab projects into one spreadsheet. I use the sheet …
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Filter function not working in one sheet but works in another Hello, I am simply lost that I have the same data in 2 different google sheets. Filter function is w… How to Simplify Calculation for Std Dev for Residual of a time series Dear All Experts, I am trying to simplify the long calculation for getting STD Dev of the Residual t…
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How to pull total counts from Google Sheets to HTML table and embed to google site ? I have a form that students use to enroll to some of the classes. After students submit the request,…
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Need to calculate how many shirts of each size Need to calculate how many shirts of each size. I have tried a few formulas and could not get it wor…
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