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Updated: Yesterday
Can you change the total score in a quiz with multiple sections? I have a branching quiz with two sections where each student will only complete one of the sections.…
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Google form, automatically collecting email addresses and names I created a google form which was sent out to all of the faculty/staff on campus which is about 80+ … How do I convert a Google spreadsheet into an excel one? I made a form for my school project and tried to make a spreadsheet of the data, but it automaticall… How to only be able to fill one column out of 5. Hello, I am working on e spreadsheet and I want to make it so that people can only choose one column…
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Google Doc timestamp Hi I changed the time on my computer to three hours earlier... Why is it that the time stamp on my g…
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Students not receiving feedback from google form quiz I've set up a google form as a quiz, left specific feedback for students, scored every questions and…
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Can Index and Ifs formulas be used together? Hello, I am wondering if I can use index and ifs together, index and concatenate could also work I g…
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How can I type in a VINCULUM, the symbol above a repeating decimal? I am trying to write 1/3 as .33333333 (repeating). Usually we write 0.3 with the bar over the 3. Thi… Equation editor I absolutely love Google Docs. However, the only missing component is a good equation editor. The on…
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Formula and Converting text into numbers https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1qUsCSe5w8qsc2HLiNZyvevrmjJmj1nTFieHkgVD83jU/edit?usp=sharing…
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How can I Restrict comment visibility to collaborators in shared document with Comment Rights I haven't seen any available options yet to restrict others from seeing comments besides the creator…
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How can I allow users to take a Google Forms survey a second time and edit their previous answers? I have created a survey with Google Forms that I send to users to collect answers and populate a spr…
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can sent Google Form responses be returned to 3 separate teachers/Getting forms from 3 classes I creating the math lessons for three separate homerooms. All Google Form responses are being sent t…
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Google form has suddenly stopped populating the associated google sheet We have a google form that we use for our Change Control/Management group where we input upcoming ch…
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