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Individual marks affecting entire class' averages Hi all, I must have fiddled with the rows/columns too much in the Grade book sheet trying to add mor…
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Enabled multiple files submission through Google Form submission. Need help to resolve a challenge.. I have enabled multiple file submissions in GForms. While I create a Google sheet for the response, …
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I want to create forms for Blind People to complete and also to read Hello, I want to create a form that blind people will need to access and complete. What is the easie…
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I need help with drop down menus and selections(?) My A Column is Category with a drop down list of English, Math, Science, and Social Studies. What I …
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Is it possible to move to the next page/section automatically after selection of answer? An alternative of that - to be able to hide unrelated questions (not section) automatically after se…
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Fill color for text box? Now that text boxes are nested under the Insert > Drawing feature, I can't figure out how to fill th… I am on an assignment managed by my school and I can't auto-capitalize. No auto-capitalize button on my school assignments. Did the school not want our assignments to auto-…
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I can open my link why I want open my link because I want to do my worksheet
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How to split a full name into FIRST Name, MIDDLE Name and LAST Name in google sheets using formula Can anyone please derive me an GOOGLE SHEETS formula to achieve the desired format "(DESIRED FORMAT)…
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Idk how to Google meet or the link of it I tried to search the way to get in an online class I went to Google classroom and went to the 6k gr…
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