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Updated: Yesterday
How to turn comments off? Hi - How can I turn comments OFF when uploading a .pdf to the web from Google docs? I see another us…
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Missing Insert menu and cannot edit document title Apparently, the Insert menu has been removed so I can no longer insert a table, header, etc. I ss a …
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Vlookup Evaluates to an out of bounds range. Not sure how to solve I am trying to compare a value to a min and max value. I want to use the vlookup function to find th… Creating a calculator sheet and reverting to default values upon close I have created a margin calculator for my team in sheets but need the sheet to revert to default val…
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Automatic Grading in Forms with seperate 'results' messages I'm wanting to build a personality type quiz (relating to stress) in Google Forms with two seperate …
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Google Docs - wrong language 09/19/2019 I have been all over the internet and google help trying to find a solution for Google Do…
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Message "Your access has expired" keeps popping up in our Google doc Our project team (5 of us) keeps getting the message 'Your access has expired. Reload this document … Tracking Time by Employee, IF with Multiple conditions, then returning a value I am trying to create a time card in forms, where employees just put click IN and OUT. (As few click… Need a script to edit event when a specific cell is changed Hi, Is to possible to get a script that can do the following: When column 14 is changed(=Reminder) R…
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how to convert an imported number which is stored as text and cannot be coerced to a number Trying to convert an imported number ( imported from different workbook via importrange or importdat… Comparing Two Lists - Not Working I have this working elsewhere on something else, so I'm completely stumped why it's not working here… Gif temporarily displaying, then showing error in google docs full description of issue, with images here https://twitter.com/barrett_roland/status/11215252983847…
0 Recommended Answers 11 Replies 36 Upvotes
Can a gsuite admin deploy and run a google appscript to all the users of organization Below is the requirement - We have a google app script. Can the admin of GSuite deploy that app scri…
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Is it possible to share the last named version? Is it possible to work on a file and only share the last named version? Basically, I want to work on…
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Changing the Email Where Notifications Are Sent On Form/Sheets I created a google form with a sheet to collect the results, but at our work place I am not the one … I can't convert my Word file into Google Docs format I can't open this Word file in Google Docs. 1) Every time I try to "Open with Google Docs", it says … google keep not loading google keep loads about 10 notes and gets hung up. using chrome browser, chrome os, chromebit. tried…
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I am trying to print a sheet and I have the font size as 18 but font is so small I can't see it. I've just checked under everything to see if I can find anything to help me. I haven't used a comput…
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How to insert Google Drawing into google doc or sheet (no create new but insert existing) As a title says. How to insert goggle drawing in google sheet? Exactly insert but not create new one…
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