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Updated: Yesterday
Please help me ! My sheet is running so slow...... Hello All, I noticed that the sheet I created for inventory management is not running super slow. It…
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Summing selected durations from the gui not working anymore. It worked up until recently. =SUM still works Test case. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ayd… What options do I have if my google sheets docs reach their maximum limits? I have a number of google sheets that keep my tabletop games organized. What options would I have if…
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How do I hide the toolbar at the top of google spreedsheet online to stop font/color being changed I want to know if i can hide the toolbar that has font, color etc on it so people the doc is shared …
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Conditional formatting formula help - highlight duplicate text within 24 hours I am trying to figure out the exact formula for the following situation... Column A is timestamps in…
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Formula for running balance Without entering a =sum(....) in every cell in column E. How do I have it calculate the balance of c… summer 2020 apply https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1nIHObOFPlWE29H0xkgw5XdE_1fuVTBduqa1gxRrkp3M/edit#gid=0 I can…
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google sheet wants to COUNT instead of SUM when I highlight fields When I highlight a group of cells, the calculation in the bottom corner of the doc says Count. I tri… Google Finance not working on Sheets for cross listed AU & USA stocks VTS and VEU I have been using the following formulas for the past three years with no issue. =GOOGLEFINANCE("ASX…
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Google sheets wont display formula results, I only see the formula in the cell I am putting in a formula to count, wont display the answer in the cell Conditional formatting on one box, dependent on content in another box I am building an encompassing hours spreadsheet for various overhire staff. I'd like to create a tab…
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How do I "indent" text in a cell in Sheets? The tab key takes me to the next cell. Tried tab key; tried using space key (which works but not very fast or convenient).
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I need a 2020 Calendar template for Google Sheets. Similar to what they have for 2018 and 2019. How can I create one? Ideally the template should have a parameter to change the year and it auto-ge… Would like to scan names into sheets Hello, I need a simple list of attendees. I will be using a badge scanner, but I'd like the name to … Index Match within Arrayformula I have read some similar posts about this question about Arrayformula + IndexMatch, I know that Inde… COUNTBLANK returns an incorrect result for a range of cells but works correctly otherwise. Help? I'm using COUNTBLANK to keep track of how many books I have left to read for various reading challen…
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Can I create a sheet with a list of sheets for a query to reference? I've been scouring the internet for hours upon hours trying to find a solution for this. Currently I…
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