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Hi, I accedently deletet my essay on google docs and I left the document by accident. I went in to version history but i can't find my essay.
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auto word wrap in google docs word wrap a document There was a mention that the search key can be changed to cap lock..how? There has been mention in forum that search key can be transformed into Cap Lock..How?
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Font style on Table of Contents doesn't match text in the body I'm using some custom formatting in my Headings, and have updated all headings to match over and ove…
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"Title"s are not appear in the of the table of content I format the structure of my text with "title", "heading 1", "heading 2" and so on. But the "title" … All of my files in Drive are showing as "resource unavailable" and won't open with offline sync on I'm having problems with Drive today. All of a sudden I seem to have lost all the files stored there…
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Embed doc file from Google Drive in Wprdpress website I have a Google doc on our Google drive that I have set for one other person to share and edit. We h… Is there any way to lock the microphone on while dictating in Google docs? Some times I have to use other programs while using the speech to text function and every time I cli…
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i just want to turn off keyboard shortcuts! in google docs as well as gmail. i just want to turn off keyboard shortcuts for google docs and gmail!!!!!!!
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What is the "real time" autosave interval (5 seconds, 10 sec, ... ?) Tried to find a way to disable the "auto save" feature", but at least I'd like to understand how oft…
Updated: Yesterday
How can i recover work that's been deleted from a file? I contacted google drive for support, but they couldn't solve the issue, they directed me here for m…
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Suggestions of one single person turn and stay grey Hello, We're working on a doc with multiple people, all suggestions are going fine. Just one person'…
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Keyboard Shortcut in Docs Not Working for Superscript I have read the help community posts and looking through the keyboard shortcuts, but for some bizarr… Serious bug in Google Docs and Sheets I've wrongly typed command + option + plus symbol on google docs and the view has expanded and both … Functional Checkboxes in Google Docs I love Google Docs, Sheet and Keep.... But one of the thing that either make me sad or infuriate me …
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I need to flip an image, not rotate. Like have the left side be on the right but not upside down I've already tried rotation and editing but can't find the flip tool. "Will save after file finishes loading . . ." appears when trying to close doc. and nothing happens. Working on a Samsung Tab A, the word docx is converted from PDF using iLovePDF. It began as email dr…
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HI, I have made yesterday the sheet for the pool for clients,where should I look up for the results HI, I have prepared the questionnaire for my survey, in the pool was in total 26 questions :) I know… Hanging Indent Troubles I've been trying to get the hanging indent to work for me like it always has, dragging the blue arro…
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