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Filter formula with some blank cells Hi all. I'm trying to use the Filter formula to show whichever cell in Column A, B or C has text. Co…
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Reporting bugs or omissions in the code in Google Docs Dear Google Docs staff, I would like to report the following bugs in Google Docs (or omissions in yo…
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add category trying to add a category to the P
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Unique Currency format (from a game) Good day. I have a unique currency and I want to use a Custom number format for it. The game that I …
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How can I merge two tables (both generated using Query function) into a Single Table Who can I joint two tables into one. Both the tables are generated from query function and have diff…
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Remove Header Focus I am trying to remove the ability to click in the header area. I'm not trying to remove the 0.5" mar…
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switch from Google Chrome; I want to change back to regular Google from Google Chrome, I, made the switch to Google Chrome, but…
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Password protect a document Is there an update to Password Protecting a Document that doesn't take 5 or 6 steps? Can I create a file in docs and then move it to a folder in Drive where hopefully I use password I am new to this community and it is my intent to stay compliant with its rules and regulations. I o…
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Images linked with '=IMAGE' disappear after load Images hosted on GDrive linked in GSheet with like: =IMAGE("https://drive.google.com/uc?export=view
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All of my files in Drive are showing as "resource unavailable" and won't open with offline sync on I'm having problems with Drive today. All of a sudden I seem to have lost all the files stored there…
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Endless loop trying to enable Google Docs offline Chrom extension I got a popup suggesting I use the Google Docs offline Chrome extension. I clicked, and followed the…
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Character spacing available yet in Docs? Wondering whether it's yet possible to change the spacing between characters in google docs? Import Range internal error From last 2 week, there is an error issue in my sheet. It did not run as before and allways appear e… Using Sheets as an employee schedule - Running reports/conditional queries I've created a schedule for 135 employees. I have two versions of the schedule where 'Schedule 1' is…
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How can I add a timestamp into 1 particular cell, any time another cell is updated? (Google Sheets) For example: I have a document with 2 sheets. If I edit Sheet1 anywhere from A1:Z50 I want it to upd… Tab name = cell name ? Hello First, I m sorry for english... Is it possible to do this in AppScript ? A tab name = a cell n…
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I am trying to create a list in a drop down menu and link each item to a price, to create invoices I have figured out how to create the list and format it to make a drop down list, but I am strugglin…
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Does Keep Notes offer a way to sort my checked items in a list? I reuse long lists in Keep: a grocery list, packing list for travel, delivery stops for work, stuff … Trouble sorting a FILTER formula Hello On the below spreadsheet, I have a =FILTER function which is embedded in a SORT function. The …
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