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How do I block users from posting porn on my google drive...??. WTF...??? I deleted once already 0 Recommended Answers 12 Replies 35 Upvotes
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Last edited 4/27/19
Porn docs and invites all posted in PDF format inside my Google Drive. I deleted them and emptied the trash bin already and changed my password. WTF is left to do...?? This is ridiculous 

Also it’s actually my IPad and Iphone.....

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Hi, Jackie,
The help communities are managed by volunteer product users (this is a peer-to-peer message board), not Google employees. We can offer assistance with troubleshooting and how-to questions, but we have no control over product improvements or general issues/complaints.
To report a violation: On a computer, go to drive.google.com. Right-click the file you want to report and click Report abuse. Choose the type of abuse found in the file.
You can read more about reporting abusive content in this article from the Google Help Center: Report a violation.
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Seems like the more report the faster they come. Is there a way that you can only accept docs from certain people?
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Hi, Amy,
Unfortunately, there isn't any way at this time to block users from sharing a document with you. Anyone who has your email address or can guess it can share a document.
I encourage you to provide feedback about this directly to the Drive team by following these steps:
  1. Go to Google Drive (drive.google.com). 
  2. Click on the question mark in a circle at the top right of the page (to the left of the gear icon). 
  3. Go to "Send feedback" and enter your feedback.
Although the product team is unable to respond to individual users directly, they review this feedback regularly and use it to help improve the product over time. The more users who have this request, the more likely it is the team will make a change.
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I have the exact same issue. They've been sending me pron images since 5.25.2019. I am very frustrated that the porn industry can be so violative like this. If I didn't request it, DONT SEND IT TO ME!
And they wonder why people support tougher PORN laws. 

Thanks, everyone who commented and the original poster. I will keep reporting this issue until the drive team does something about it.
Last edited 5/27/19
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I am having the same problem, cant seem to get it to stop. I can't even get a hold of a Google employee to talk about it.
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How do I stop the porn that clearly has google docs.com that redirects to Uberhorney.com 
Trash and more trash exploitation of humans
Last edited 6/23/19
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If you use or have used a "Public" or "Shared Device" and didn't sign out of your account, then it is possible someone accessed it without the account being hacked. If the files were created through your account this way, then it's more of an "account takeover" than spam. Please go to https://myaccount.google.com/security and remove any recover emails that might not be yours, double-check recent accesses that look suspicious (to confirm), install two-step verification, change password, etc. By going to the Google Account site, you can also see the devices used to access your account.
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Thank you for the response, but it's not one those issues, never used it on someone else's computer, always log out, have two step verification on since google started doing it. The issue is people are sharing the porn thru .edu email and sending it out to who ever they have emails to. There has to be a way to block people you dont know from sending it to your google drive and blocking you from being able to delete it.
Last edited 6/23/19
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Hi, David,
I've escalated the issue but haven't received any updates yet. In the meantime, I suggest contacting your school's G Suite administrator for help. They should be able to reach out to Google directly for assistance with this, especially if it's affecting other students and since it's coming via your .edu account.
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this is happening to me all the time on my google docs. its really fucking ridiculous that google haven't put an option for us to only accept docs form trusted users. 

I opened my google docs window at a clients, and it was full of porn. how does that look? google pull your thumbs out of your butts and fix this, i can't believe it's that hard.
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Hi, Jackie,
I'm sorry that's happening. I'm afraid we can only answer Google Docs-related questions in this forum. Please try posting in the Google Drive help community instead:
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Someone at google finally stopped it from happening.
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