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is there any hope that google will put back the vital option to edit math formulas using latex?

Will google put  back the option to construct and edit formulae using the latex editor. Trying to get any kind of complex construction using key entries is very hard

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Not likely. That's because a subset of LaTeX 'text shortcuts' already can be used to input math equations. See [1].

Bas Braams
Bas Braams
The LaTeX editor got removed with the revamp in April 2010 and at that point the new docs editor became completely useless for any kind of scientific or technical writing, and remained so for about 7 months as other higher priority issues, whatever they were, were pursued. Basic LaTeX commands have been back since November 2010. One can write elementary algebra, sums and integrals, built-up fractions, indices and exponents; one gets the trigonometric, hyperbolic, exponential and logarithmic functions in the roman font, and the basic symbols that one finds in the equations menu are generally available via keyboard shortcuts as well, sometimes undocumented [1]. Many things are missing still, and I don't mean just for the purpose of higher mathematics. In any kind of scientific or technical writing one all the time wants to use subscripts in the roman font (expressions like T_in, T_out, where T is a variable and in and out are ordinary words) and it can't be done except via copy-and-paste one character at a time from the special symbols menu, which no-one will suffer to do. An equation cannot be broken over two lines with proper alignment. An equation cannot, in any acceptable way, be centered and then given a right-justified label. The conversion to pdf or html of equations is well below standards. Some other issues are mentioned here [2].

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