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How can I delete everything in Google Docs?

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 I simply want to delete one collection and files (thousands) under it. So I did the following: 
1. delete the collection
2. empty the trashcan. 

But after it,  the files I thought I've deleted are still shown in All Item. But when I chose shown All document, the deleted files are not shown. 

So, I think deleting everything in my google docs will be easier to delete thousands of files by click thousands times. 

Can someone please be kind enough to teach me, how do you do massive delete? or delete everything from you google docs? 
I originally want to disable google docs, but in order to do so, I have to delete my gmail account, too. 

Ah, it's just a big haunting nightmare. 

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Bas Braams
Bas Braams
Deleting a collection only deletes the tag, not the files that are under that collection. So you must list all files, highlight them and then delete them as a batch. In order to highlight multiple files use shift-click as described in [1]. If you have highlighted multiple files then you can right-click on any one of them and do "move to trash"; this applies then to all highlighted files. You will find one additional problem: the move to trash action will fail if more than about 300 files are highlighted (or so it was a month or two ago; maybe this has been fixed). So you may have to work in batches of only about 300 files.

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I just found Shift+click the first and last file will Highlight everything in between. With this function, I just finished my deleting job. 

I miss the checkbox in old google docs. It is so simple and useful. 
Now remember to empty your trash assuming you are sure you never want to see those files again.
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