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Deleting Entire Google Docs Does NOT work

I have been using GDocs for a few years now.  Over time the accuracy of my sync has degraded and folders at Google are not similar to folders locally.  So, I decided to delete EVERYTHING and start over.  Apparently, this is impossible...? I have researched on this forum and others have had the same problem.  PLEASE PLEASE SOMEONE FROM GOOGLE DELETE EVERYTHING IN MY GOOGLE DOCS ACCOUNT??!!!! So I can start over.... pleaseeeee.......   I went to My Collections and Moved to Trash (in accordance with the instructions given under Google Docs help).  However, when I go to All Items what do you know, EVERYTHING still there.  So, I tried selecting and deleting, and yes, before you ask I did use shift+click to get all (which is still a big pain b/c I have tens of thousands of documents and who knows how long I would have to scroll down to get EVERTHING..).  The other and bigger problem is that when I actually click Move to Trash, I get "Server Encountered and Error".  I saw someone in another forum basically imply that only 300 docs at a time could be deleted.  Well, obviously this cannot be the answer.

So, my question for you Google is this....

Am I stuck with this big mess in Google Docs forever now?  If that is the case, can I get a refund on my Google Docs account and cancel please?  Thank you!

Please Google, I'm willing to work with you.  I understand that things degrade overtime, upgrades must be made, and things just get out of whack.  So, I'm willing to just start over fresh.  But making it this difficult to simply delete things isn't right and I can't believe more people aren't complaining about this.  This is a big problem.  I see no way I can continue to recommend Google Docs to my clients knowing that this problem exists and apparently nothing has been done about it. 

Your prompt attention to this matter would be greatly appreciated.


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So, is that it Google.....??? You're not even going to attempt a response....???!!!! Hope everybody else is seeing this.  FYI, I do SEO for a living.  I'll be putting you at the top of all my blogs as THE worst cloud host provider out there.  I understand that you can't take calls from everybody so that's why you make it impossible for us to find a number to call you, but to not respond to questions via email or your OWN forums?!!!!!!!!!??????  That's just insane.  How do you guys get away with this??!?!!!!!
Hi tysonbravo,

If you've paid Google for an account, then you have access to the paid support rather than this free forum.  Here's the Google Apps phone number and the general Google Apps help page.
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While I appreciate a response, that did not work.  I do not have Google Apps.  I have a regular Google account and I have PAID for additional storage space.  When I call that number you gave, it asks me for a PIN.  Regular users are not given a PIN, only Google Apps users.   But I still pay just like Google Apps Business users do.  So, is there no type of support for customers such as myself?  I am a paying customer. And given that the product I paid for (additional storage space) has become unusable, I feel it is only right that you guys tell me what's going to happen now.  If you can't get the account fixed, I need to cancel my automatic renewal before 3/23/12.  

From what I can tell, I probably have close to 250,000 files left in my Docs and it only deletes 100 files at a time.  This is unacceptable.  If there is no way for me to remove the files and you guys won't remove them "because it violates your privacy clause..." then I must cancel please.

Bas Braams
Bas Braams
<<This is unacceptable.>> I think so too. Google Docs is not suitable for working with a large number of files. I recommend to not lose sleep over the lost $20 or whatever it is; just give up on GDocs as an archive and be at peace. I collected some related reports in this posting [1].

There are fresh rumors that Google is soon to bring out the long-rumored "GDrive" as a competitor to Dropbox and other such systems. It is an interesting situation. If that "GDrive" is basically GDocs with modifications to the interface then it will fail, is my prediction: the GDocs technical team does not have the GDocs file system under their intellectual control and they won't do better with an expanded responsibility. And if the new "GDrive", should it materialize, is not associated with GDocs then that will appear as quite an indictment of the GDocs effort. Heads they loose, tails they loose. The potential winning situation for the rest of us would be if the new GDrive replaces the GDocs file system.

[1] forum reports about problems working with large number of GDocs documents and files
Google user
Google user
I agree, Google Docs is pretty hopeless - especially the sharing which really goes haywire. Try Docs Landing - much better and their free option will suit most peoples' needs.
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