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I want to insert an array in my equations.

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I need to insert a formula that contains Matrices and arrays. I wonder can Google Doc support it or not. I even tried to use latex commands to solve my issue, but it encounters problem in Google Doc.
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Bas Braams
Bas Braams
Using the default editor that was introduced in April 2010 it is not possible to create matrices or arrays, or even a multi-line equation, within the equation editor. Some TeX/LaTeX commands are recognized, with a somewhat different syntax, but it is all very limited. More requests here [1] for improvements to the equations editor.

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Thanks Bas. Do you mean there is another editor that can handle this issue rather than the default one?
In addition, do these 'TeX/LaTeX commands with a somewhat different syntax' works for an array? If so, please let me know about those commands.
Bas Braams
Bas Braams
See Gill's reply here [1]; you want the old editor then. Take note that it isn't maintained and one cannot at present convert from one to the other. Also I don't know where to find documentation for the LaTeX commands there, but it may be possible just to work it out. That editor basically used bits of LaTeX as a subsystem.

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