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Bulk Uploading of 100GB of Pictures from "My Pictures" Directory Tree (Currently Impossible)

Browser & Operating System:  Chrome 15.0.874.121 m     Windows XP
Account:  Personal @gmail.com account with PAID storage increase

I want to bulk upload the content of "My Pictures" which contains approximately 500 directories each with between 10 and 100 photos in .cr2 and .jpg format.  (This is for back up purposes only and I DO NOT want to upload to Picasa or share the files).

Three problems conspire to make this task currently impossible: 
  1) limitation on bandwidth uploading means such a transfer need to occur in several nightly jobs that take about 8 hours (its a laptop that moves between home and work)
   2) Currently if I create a folder in Google Docs called "My Pictures" and select that folder then click upload and select a subfolder of  "My Pictures" from my hard drive "2011-12-01", the uploaded folder does not appear under "My Pictures" in Google Docs, rather it appears in the root directory as '2011-12-01'.  (This is a known issue)
  3)  There currently is no way i have found to move the subfolder  "2011-12-01" to the folder "My Documents" on Google Docs.

All i want is back up of my directory tree starting with My Pictures on Google Docs and I have paid for extra storage to have this.  However, if i upload the 100GB directory tree, the job will never finish due to the bandwidth limitations on upload (which appears to be about 1 G / hour give or take).  The fall back approach of moving a few directories at a time fails due to #2 and #3 above.  

What i want seems simple and straight-forward.  In fact i can't imagine how Google anticipates selling 100 Gigabytes of storage to anyone if you can't move a directory tree in tact onto the storage system and have it maintain the directory structure. 

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Bas Braams
Bas Braams
<<Three problems conspire to make this task currently impossible:...>>
I understand problems 1 and 2, but not problem 3. I would also add a problem 4.

Re problem 3. If you have created a collection "My Pictures" under Home in your GDocs space and you obtain by upload a collection "2011-12-01" also under Home then you can move 2011-12-01 into My Pictures and you can also remove 2011-12-01 from the Home listing. The move can be done by a drag-and-drop action or by right-clicking on the item name and using Organize or by selecting the item through the check-boxes and using the Organize menu at top. The "don't show in Home" action is also found under the Organize menu.

Now for problem 4. Your upload will run for many nights and (if things haven't improved in this regard recently) some items will fail to be uploaded, like maybe 0.1% of all items. You'll see (if things haven't changed recently) some error messages, but you won't know which items failed to upload. You'll have a terrible time trying to match up the listings between your hard drive and GDocs in order to decide which files must be uploaded again [1-2].

If the point of the whole exercise is to get a backup on the cloud then I think that probably GDocs isn't the right tool, primarily because of problems 1 and 4.

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