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Combination of font, zoom, and justified paragraph creates editing problems

I'm running Chrome 13 on Windows 7. Latest revisions and patch levels of both. Using both a Google Apps account at work and a personal Gmail account, I see this same problem.

If you chose certain fonts (I've seen it with Georgia mostly, but it seems to happen with Cambria also -- it's LESS frequent with Arial), have your zoom set to anything other than 100% (I've seen this at 120% and 144%), and choose fully justified paragraphs, the cursor gets "lost" as you're moving left and right in your text.

You see the cursor as positioned in the middle of the word at the end of the line, for instance, but when you start editing or deleting, you realize it's changing and removing text two words to the left.

Switch back to Arial font or cut the zoom down to 100%, and it's good.

This problem does not occur with Firefox 5, by the way (but it has its own problems, like cut-and-paste not working - you can COPY-and-paste but not cut).

I've got a 23" screen with 1680x1040 resolution and 50 year old eyes. Not being able to zoom the text a bit really hurts. Am I stuck using Arial, if I want to use Google Docs with justified paragraphs? And why is this glitched under GOOGLE'S browser, but not Mozilla's?

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Bas Braams
Bas Braams
This cursor drift or cursor misalignment problem has been around since the revamp of May 2010, 15 months ago. It has been clearly identified on the forum on many occasions (see [1] and [2] for a small sample of posts), but I don't believe that anything significant has changed since the problem was introduced. A technical explanation of the issues underlying the problem can be gleaned from a googledocs blog posting from back in May 2010 [3]; apparently the revamp makes cursor positioning a responsibility of the Docs software rather than a responsibility of the browser. There was a "Ask the Docs team anything!" conversation on reddit some time ago and Google's Jeff Harris offered some further insight; the precise location of the responsibility for the cursor position is with something called Webkit. Harris writes [4]: "Webkit doesn't maintain enough precision to properly measure things if people are zoomed. This bug has more details ... but making things like cursor positioning work while zoomed was super difficult. Thankfully, the core problem is being fixed in Webkit." It would be nice if it is so.

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Thank you for that complete and clear answer! :)
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