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Refresh and Recalculate -- Google Spreadsheet


I am attempting to create a shared spreadsheet that does some calculations and tracking that are based on the current date.  I need to have those calculations automatically recalculated every time the document is viewed, without the user needing to enter any data.  I am aware that Google Spreadsheets used to recalculate every time they were reloaded (and thus, viewed) by a user... but this no longer seems to work.  Is there some way that I can turn this option back on?

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Select the cell and press Ctrl+R to get it to recalculate. this is a workaround. Ctrl+R actually copies the cell to the cell to its right, but as you've selected only one cell, it just recalculates instead. you'll have to do this for *all* cells that have a random function (rand or randbetween). this can get to be a nightmare, so the solution posted (see http://www.google.com/support/forum/p/Google+Docs/thread?tid=3cade1c62e906b6f&hl=en#all) says that you should have one random seed, such as rand(), and then connect all other random formulae to this cell that way, you can just update ONE cell, which recalculates them all.

here's the gist of it:

No, unless you connect all randbetweens with one fixed cell, e.g.
A1: =RAND()
A2: =RANDBETWEEN( 0 ; 1 ) +0*$A$1
A3: =RANDBETWEEN( 0 ; 1 ) +0*$A$1
A4: =RANDBETWEEN( 0 ; 1 ) +0*$A$1

Now you only have to select A1 and press Ctrl+R

Do you have these randbetweens in a block range, e.g. B2:H11 then you can use a formula like this
You only have to refresh B2 using Ctrl+R to let the entire block recompute

This Used to be true for me but lately If I change one RANDBETWEEN it recalculates all the RANDBETWEEN cells on the Sheet. I don't want that to happen. So How do I get the sheet to function like it used to? I havent made any changes so it must be something in the way the Spreed sheet is written at the Google level.

Is their an alternative to RANDBETWEEN that works Like the old RANDBETWEEN worked a month or two ago?

I used to have code:
 =RANDBETWEEN(Cell1:Cell2) in cell3 then in cell4 I have code =RANDBETWEEN(Cell5:Cell6) If I changed Cell 1 or 2 It would only recalculate cell 3 and if I changed Cell 5 or 6 it would only recalculate cell 4 but now if I change cell 1,2,5 or 6 it recalculates cell 3 and 4 every time.

How do I fix this?

Ted J
Ted J
Hi all,
  In the newest version of Google Sheets you can see the recalculation options by going to File>Spreadsheet Settings.

Ted J
Markus Bryant
Markus Bryant
Ted, spreadsheet settings seems to only allow us to to set locale and time zone; do you know where recalculate settings are now?
Google user
Google user
The function in "spreadsheet settings" for refresh rate was there but is no longer showing. What happened? 
Ted J
Ted J
Hi all,
  This feature is only available in the newest version of Sheets.  Look for a green checkmark in the bottom right of your spreadsheet. If you see one then you can follow my instructions above to see information about recalculation.

Ted J
Hi all,

The recalculation settings in the new version of Sheets doe's not work on mobile devices.
For example when I open a sheet from my iPhone it's not recalculating every minute (although the settings say it is).

Can someone help me?


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