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Problems when folder contains more than 2000 files

Greetings. I am finding lots of trouble spots working with a large collection of files in GDocs. One specific issue: Only at most 2000 files are shown in a listing. Moreover, if a folder contains more than 2000 files then they can't be listed in descending order by Name. This is not an entirely frivolous complaint; if I can't see all files then I would like to be able to see at least the ones that are alphabetically first and those that are alphabetically last in order to have some confidence that my upload completed successfully. Another issue: if a folder contains not 2000 files but still a large number then it takes a long time to get the screen in a state where they are all listed. At first one sees 50 files. Scroll down and the system provides another 50, and it more or less erratically positions the view back at the top or not. They come in batches of 50, so for 2000 files one has to scroll back down some 40 times before one has the full picture. Yet another issue: Uploading a batch of anywhere like 2000 files (or even just a few hundred) is impossible using Google Chrome (my experience on Ubuntu anyway), and using Firefox it may take an hour or more for the file list to appear in the upload window, after which one can press the Start Upload button. Fourth issue: in my upload experience I'm losing at least 0.1% of the files due to some kind of server error. The error is reported in the upload window, so if one is uploading a handful of files one will see it. However, my uploads have been running overnight. For information, the large file collections are gzipped tar files, nothing that GDocs would attempt to convert. Feature request, in addition to the fixing of the mentioned trouble spots: the ability to upload in update mode (detailed request in my posting of 2011-01-11).

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