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Full screen mode and compact controls

If you've ever wanted more room to work in one of your documents, you can now free up some space by viewing them in full screen or compact controls mode. Here's how:

  • For compact controls, click the Hide the menus button on the right side of the toolbar. You can also go to the View menu and select Compact controls or use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Shift+F.
  • For full screen mode, go to the View menu and select Full screen.

If you're in full screen mode, you can return to regular viewing mode by hitting the Esc or Escape key.

Google Docs will remember the view settings you've selected for your documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and drawings. For example, if you change your view setting to "Full screen" while working on a document and to "Compact controls" while working on a presentation, the next time you open or create a document or presentation, it will open in that app's most recent view mode ("Full screen" and "Compact controls," respectively).

Spreadsheets will remain in compact controls mode between sessions, but not in full screen mode.

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