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If you know the result you need from a formula, you can use Goal Seek to find the missing value needed to achieve it.

For example, Goal Seek can be used:

  • To conduct a break-even analysis for a business.
  • To find out what score you need on your next test in order to earn the overall class grade you want.

To find your target values, install the Goal Seek add-on to Google Sheets. This add-on is only available in English.

Learn how to install add-ons.

Find a target value

  1. On your computer, open Google Sheets.
  2. At the top, click Extensions And then Goal Seek Add-on And then Open.
  3. Fill in the spreadsheet with the values you have and the formula you need to solve for.
  4. Click the cell that contains the formula.
  5. At the right, next to “Set cell,” click Capture selected cell Cell border.
  6. Under “To value,” enter the target value you want to reach.
  7. Click the cell that contains the unknown value you want to find.
  8. At the right, next to “By changing cell,” click Capture selected cell Cell border.
  9. Click Solve.

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