UNICHAR function

Returns the Unicode character for a number. This method supports returning characters in both the UTF-8 and UTF-16 character set.

Parts of a UNICHAR function


Part Description
number Required. The number to convert into a Unicode character. The number should be greater than 0.

Sample formulas

Example 1: UNICHAR(68) returns D

Example 2: UNICHAR(307) returns \u0133, which may appear as ij


  • If number is 0, the method returns a #VALUE error.
  • If the number does not have a Unicode character, the method returns a #VALUE error.
  • It is possible that the method’s output changes overtime as the Unicode character set is refined.


Result for =UNICHAR(68)

  A B
1 D  

Result for =UNICHAR(307)

  A B
1 ij  

Related functions

  • UNICODE: The UNICODE function returns the decimal Unicode value of the first character of the text.
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