T.DIST.2T function

The T.DIST.2T function returns the two tailed Student distribution for a value x. Along with T.DIST.RT, this function replaces TDIST and is equivalent to calling TDIST with the tails argument set to 2.

Parts of a T.DIST.2T function

T.DIST.2T(x, degrees_freedom)

Part Description
x Required. The x value to evaluate the distribution at.
degrees_freedom Required. The degrees of freedom.

Sample formulas

Example 1: T.DIST.2T(1.96, 60)

Example 2: T.DIST.2T(1, 2)


  • If deg_freedom is less than 1, returns an #NUM error.
  • If x is negative, returns an #NUM error.
  • Along with T.DIST.RT, this formula replaces the TDIST formula. This is equivalent to calling the TDIST formula with tails = 2.


Result for A1=T.DIST.2T(1.96, 60)

  A B
1 0.054644929736529  

Result for A1=T.DIST.2T(1, 2)

  A B
1 0.42264973081037  

Related functions

  • T.DIST: The T.DIST function returns the right tailed Student distribution for a value x.
  • T.DIST.RT: Returns the right tailed Student distribution for a value x.
  • TDIST: Calculates the probability for Student's t-distribution with a given input (x).
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