IMCOT function

The IMCOT function returns the cotangent of the given complex number. For example, a given complex number "x+yi" returns "cot(x+yi)."

Parts of an IMCOT function 


Part Description Notes
number The complex number for which you want the cotangent. This can be either the result of the COMPLEX function, a real number interpreted as a complex number with imaginary parts equal to 0, or a string in the format “x+yi” where x and y are numeric.

Sample formulas 





The IMCOT function returns an error if the given number isn't a valid complex number.


  A B
1 Formula Results
2 =IMCOT(COMPLEX(4,1)) 0.253182007063936-0.928132757303418i
3 =IMCOT(3.5) 2.66961648496887
4 =IMCOT("3+2i") -0.0106047834703371-1.035746637765i

Related functions 

IMTAN: The IMTAN function returns the tangent of the given complex number.

IMCOTH: The IMCOTH function returns the hyperbolic cotangent of the given complex number.

COMPLEX: The COMPLEX function creates a complex number, given real and imaginary coefficients.

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