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Differences between Excel and Sheets


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Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets have many similar features and important differences. This article compares features and summarizes differences.

Comparison at a glance

Note: Comparisons are based on Microsoft Office versions 2010, 2013, and 2016.

*Sheets instructions are web-only.

In Microsoft Excel... In Sheets* ...
Collaborate in Excel for the web Collaborate in real-time from Sheets
Share using Excel for the web or a shared workbook Share directly from Sheets
Save automatically using SharePoint or OneDrive Save automatically to Drive
Manage versions with History or Version History in OneDrive Manage versions with version history
Add formulas and use Formula AutoComplete
for suggestions
Add formulas and use formula suggestions that appear as you enter text
Record macros or use VBE Record macros or use Google Apps Script
Create filters Create filters and filter views
Insert recommended pivot tables or create one manually Create pivot tables manually or automatically with Explore
Create charts manually Create charts manually or automatically with Explore
Set notifications in OneDrive Set notifications in Sheets

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