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August 2019

Show a blank slide during a presentation

At any time, you can change the presentation slide to all white or all black with keyboard shortcuts. The keyboard shortcut is 'b' for black and 'w' for white. You can use a blank screen to remove any material from the screen, to pause a presentation, go off topic or to answer a question. Learn more about presenting with Google Slides.

Advance slides automatically while you present

You can customise the auto-advance timing while you present with Google Slides and determine whether the presentation should loop. Learn more about advancing slides automatically.

May 2019

Update all of your linked content

You can quickly view all the charts and tables linked to your Google document or presentation, and update outdated data with a single click. Learn more about bulk updates.

April 2019

Track trends and more with the improved Activity dashboard

To use these features, you need to sign in to a Google Account through work or school, and you’re not signed in to a Google Account. Click here to sign in to your Google Account.Activity dashboard now tracks view and comment trends in Docs, Sheets and Slides. Learn more about the improved Activity dashboard.

Edit your theme colours in Google Slides
You can now personalise the colour of each element within your presentation's theme. Learn how to edit a theme’s colours in Google Slides.

Edit Office files with Google Docs, Sheets and Slides 

You can now directly edit, comment and collaborate on Office files using Google Docs, Sheets and Slides. Learn how to use Office editing. 

November 2018

Copy formatting to multiple objects

You can copy the formatting of text, cells or an object to multiple others in Google Slides with the paint format tool. Learn how to use the paint tool.

October 2018 

Find and add suggested charts or images in a presentation

You can now find and add suggested charts and images to Google Slides from your work or school account. The Explore feature makes it easy to search for Google Drive files related to the existing content in your presentation and insert them. Learn how to use Explore.
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