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October 2022

Add more information easily with smart chips

Use smart chips in your Google Sheets to add information about:

  • People with Gmail or Google Workspace email addresses
  • Other Google Docs, Sheets, or Slides files
  • Google Calendar events

Tip: In your spreadsheet, you can hover over or click a smart chip for more information.

Learn more about using smart chips.

August 2022

Use named functions, LAMBDA functions, and LAMBDA helper functions

You can use named functions, LAMBDA functions, and LAMBDA helper functions to provide greater formula flexibility, readability, and reusability within Sheets. Formulas that were previously complex and difficult to understand can now be simplified into more comprehensible and reusable named functions.

Learn more in our Workspace blog post.

Learn more about:

Learn about XLOOKUP and XMATCH

XLOOKUP and XMATCH support enhanced match and search functionality compared to the MATCH and LOOKUP functions.

Learn more about:

Use the Edit button to easily open the pivot table editor

Click the pop-up Edit button underneath the pivot table to open the pivot table editor. You no longer need to click the pivot table directly. This change helps prevent accidental clicks.

Learn more about how to edit pivot tables:

July 2022

Use Delegated Access with Connected Sheets

With Delegated Access:

  • A user who creates a Connected Sheet can choose to have future queries to the underlying data source use their account credentials. This option is possible even when other Sheets users trigger the queries.
  • Collaborators can perform analysis on the data even if they don't have access to the underlying data source. This ability is useful when people who don’t have access to the data source want to perform data analysis and refresh data that comes from a Connected Sheet.
  • Standard BigQuery rates apply when queries are run with Delegated Access.

Learn more about Delegated access.

May 2022

Learn about Connected Sheets VPC-SC

You can use VPC Service Controls to restrict access to Google Cloud resources. VPC Service Controls doesn’t support Sheets. However, if you have the required permissions and meet the VPC Service Controls access restrictions, you can use VPC Service Controls to allow queries issued through Connected Sheets.

Learn more about BigQuery data in Google Sheets.

April 2022

Fix formula errors with formula suggestions

When you insert a formula into a Sheets cell, a suggestion box may appear with a replacement formula. You can accept or reject the suggestion.

Learn more about Formula corrections.

Use Google Meet with Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides

From Google Docs, Sheets, or Slides, you can:

  • Join a Google Meet video meeting
  • Present directly to a Google Meet video meeting

Learn more about how to use Google Meet in Google Docs Editors.

March 2022

Learn about doubled cell limit in Google Sheets

The cell limit in Google Sheets is now 10 million cells, increased from 5 million cells. This limit applies to new, existing, and imported files. 

Learn more about Google Drive file limits.

November 2021

Use people chips to view more information about stakeholders

You can add people chips directly into a Google Sheet. These chips allow you to quickly find more information about colleagues or contacts, including their location, job title, and contact information.

With a people chip, you can also:

  • Book a meeting.
  • Start a Chat.
  • Send an email.
  • And more. 

This feature is already available for Google Docs.

To insert a people chip, select an option:

  • Enter “@” in any cell.
  • At the top, click Insert and then People chip.
Learn more about people chips.
Learn about new iOS keyboard shortcuts
You can use a wide range of new keyboard shortcuts on iOS Sheets. Learn more about Sheets iOS shortcuts.

October 2021

Learn about enhanced menus in Google Sheets

To make it easier to locate the most commonly-used features in Google Sheets, we made the following updates to the menus. We:

  • Shortened the menu bar and right-click menus to better fit your screen and prevent menus from being hidden off-screen.
  • Added and moved features to more intuitive locations. For example, you can now freeze a row or column from the right-click menu.
  • Shortened some item descriptions in the menu to allow faster recognition. 
  • Added icons to help you find features more easily. 
  • Made changes across all menus, including:
    • File
    • Edit
    • View
    • Insert
    • Format
    • Date
    • Tools
    • Extensions
    • Help
    • Accessibility

August 2021

View embedded Office files in Google Sheets

You can view embedded Microsoft Office files in your documents when you work with Office files in:

  • Docs
  • Sheets
  • Slides

This feature allows you to:  

  • View files in preview mode.
  • Copy or download an embedded file directly to Drive. 
Learn about intelligent formula and function suggestions

When you work with data in Google Sheets, you can find in-line, sequential, and context-aware suggestions for formulas and functions. 

With formula suggestions, you can: 

  • Write new formulas accurately. 
  • Make data analysis quicker and easier. 

When you insert a formula in Sheets, suggestions automatically display as you continue to enter text. You can view additional suggestions in the drop-down menu.

Learn how to customize theme colors in Sheets

You can find and select theme colors in Sheets and Slides.

To select theme colors:

  1. Go to any color picker drop-down and click the edit button for your theme color palette. 
  2. In the theme color sidebar, select a color from the drop-down.
  3. Edit your content with the new theme colors. 
Important: Color changes only apply to the current theme you select. Color changes don’t create a new theme.
Open Microsoft Office files in Drive faster

When you create shared links, you can open Microsoft Office files in Google Drive directly in:

  • Docs
  • Sheets
  • Slides 

Previously, Office files opened in preview mode. Now you can open files in edit mode and collaborate sooner. Learn more about working with Office files in Drive

Use Smart Compose to comment in Google Slides, Sheets, and Drawings

Smart Compose can help you comment faster and more accurately in:

  • Slides
  • Sheets
  • Drawings 

Learn more about Smart Compose in Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Drawings.

July 2021

Perform basic actions in multiple tabs in Google Sheets

Work in Google Sheets faster and with more confidence as you perform basic actions on multiple sheets.

You can select, then join, delete, duplicate, copy, color, or hide multiple tabs.

Learn more about editing Google Sheets.

Google Workspace Business Starter and Frontline users can invite people without Google Accounts to collaborate on Drive files and folders
You can send visitors a pin code to allow them to view, comment, or edit content in:
  • Drive
  • Docs
  • Sheets
  • Slides
  • Sites 
Learn more about sharing documents with visitors.

June 2021

Find new ways to navigate comments in Google Sheets

In Google Sheets, you can:

  • Review comments and conversation threads in a sidebar.
  • Apply filters to find the most relevant comments.
  • Page through comment threads in the comment overlay.

Learn more about using comments in Google Sheets.

May 2021

Present Google Sheets directly to a Google Meet meeting
Present a spreadsheet from Google Sheets to a Google Meet meeting you attend. Learn how to present a doc, sheet, or slide directly in Google Meet.
Learn how to customize line and fill options in Google Sheets

Enjoy more line and fill customization options for series and series items. You can modify: 

  • Color 
  • Opacity 
  • Line dash styles 
  • Line thickness 

For column-shaped series, you can add and style borders. Learn more about adding and editing a chart or graph.

April 2021

Find more ways to analyze BigQuery data with Connected Sheets
Learn more ways to work with, display, and organize your BigQuery data when you use Connected Sheets. The new features and improvements include: 
  • Column stats 
  • Filter by value 
  • Calculated fields for pivot tables 
  • Pivot table grouping 
  • Slicers 
Learn more about working with BigQuery data using Connected Sheets

January 2021

Use the range name box to improve navigation in Google Sheets

Use the range name box to navigate to active cells and ranges in Google Sheets. 

Learn more about naming a range of cells

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