ENCODEURL function

Encodes text so it can be used in the query string of a URL.

Parts of an ENCODEURL function


Part Description
text The text to be encoded as a URL.

Sample formulas

ENCODEURL(“hello world!”)



This function is useful for passing in URL arguments to functions that make web requests, like IMPORTHTML.


Encode the text “hello, world!” into a URL-friendly format.

  A B
1 Formula Result
2 =ENCODEURL(“hello, world!”) hello%2C%20world%21


Use ENCODEURL to create a hyperlink. 

  A B
1 Formula Result
2 =HYPERLINK("http://google.com?q=" & ENCODEURL("hello world")) http://google.com?q=hello%20world

Related functions

  • IMPORTHTML:  Imports data from a table or list within an HTML page.
  • CLEAN:  Returns the text with the non-printable ASCII characters removed.
  • REPLACE:  Replaces part of a text string with a different text string.
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