ERF function

The ERF function returns the integral of the Gauss error function over an interval of values.

Parts of an ERF formula

ERF(lower_bound, [upper_bound])

Part Description Notes
lower_bound If this parameter is the only parameter, the integral is taken between 0 and this value. If z2 is provided, it refers to the lower boundary for the integral.  
upper_bound The upper boundary of the integral. Upper boundaries are optional.

Sample formulas

ERF(-2.3, -0.7)



If the lower or upper boundaries are non-numeric, ERF returns "#VALUE!."


  A B
1 Formula Result
2 ERF(-2.3, -0.7) 0.3210556296
3 ERF(1) 0.8427007929

Related functions

  • ERFC: The ERFC function returns the complementary Gauss error function of a value.
  • NORMDIST: The NORMDIST function returns the value of the normal distribution function (or normal cumulative distribution function) for a specified value, mean, and standard deviation.
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