The AVERAGE.WEIGHTED function finds the weighted average of a set of values, given the values and the corresponding weights.

Parts of an AVERAGE.WEIGHTED function

AVERAGE.WEIGHTED(values, weights, [additional values], [additional weights])

Part Description Notes
values The values to be averaged.
  • May refer to a range of cells, or may contain the values themselves.
weights The corresponding list of weights to apply.
  • May refer to a range of cells, or may contain the weights themselves.
  • Weights cannot be negative, though they can be zero.
  • At least one of the weights must be positive.
  • If using a range of cells, that range must have the same number of rows and columns as the range of values.
[additional_values] Additional values to average.
  • Additional values are optional.
[additional_weights] Additional weights to apply.
  • Additional weights are optional, but each additional_value must be followed by exactly one additional_weight.


Sample formulas

AVERAGE.WEIGHTED(10, 1, 20, 3)




This example shows the weighted averages of different numbers and weights:

  A B C D
1 2 1 Formula Result
2 4 3 =AVERAGE.WEIGHTED(A1:A2, B1:B2) 3.5
3 8 6 =AVERAGE.WEIGHTED(2, 10, 4, 15) 3.2
4     =AVERAGE.WEIGHTED(A1:A2, B1:B2, C1, C2) 6.2


This example of weighted average calculates someone's grade in a school course:

  A B C
1 Item Grade Percentage of final grade
2 Homework 95 25%
3 Participation 90 10%
4 Midterm exam 85 15%
5 Projects 88 20%
6 Final exam 82 30%
7   Formula Result
8 Final grade =AVERAGE.WEIGHTED(B2:B6, C2:C6) 87.7

Related functions

  • SUMPRODUCT: The SUMPRODUCT function calculates the sum of the products of corresponding entries in 2 equally sized arrays or ranges.
  • AVERAGE: The AVERAGE function returns the numerical average value in a dataset, ignoring text.
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