BITXOR function

The BITXOR function is a bitwise XOR (exclusive or) of 2 numbers that returns a bit of “1” if 2 bits are different, and a bit of “0” otherwise. This function returns a number that's the result of performing an XOR function at each bit of the 2 given numbers. 

Parts of a BITXOR function

BITXOR(value1, value2)

Part Description Notes
value1 The first numeric value.  
value2 The second numeric value.  


Sample formulas

BITXOR(9, 5)



  • Order doesn't matter for values. The result is the same regardless.
  • Values don't necessarily have to be numbers. Instead, they may be coerced. For example, a string value of "3" can be coerced to be simply 3, and a Boolean value of TRUE can be coerced to 1.


In the following example, we use BITXOR with values inlined into the function. The values 2 (represented as 10 in base 2) and 4 (represented as 100 in base 2) result in 6 (represented as 110 in base 2):

  A B
1 Formula Result
2 =BITXOR(2, 4) 6


In this example, values of 2 and 4 result in a BITXOR of 6. However, this time we use cell references to use as our values:

  A B C
1 Formula Result Reference cells
2 =BITXOR(2, 4) 6 2
3     4

Related functions

  • BITOR: The BITOR function returns the bitwise Boolean OR of 2 numbers.
  • XOR: The XOR function returns TRUE if an odd number of the provided arguments are logically true, and FALSE otherwise.
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