IMSQRT function

The IMSQRT function computes the square root of a complex number.

Parts of a IMSQRT function

The IMSQRT formula is formatted as =IMSQRT(complex_number).

Part Description Notes
complex_number The complex number to take the square root of.  

Sample formulas




  • This function is equivalent to using IMPOWER(complex_number, 0.5).
  • While it is not possible to use the SQRT function to take the square root of a negative real number, it is possible to use IMSQRT to take the square root of a complex number with a negative real number component.


  A B
1 Formula Result
2 =IMSQRT(4) 2
3 =IMSQRT("3+4i") 2+i
4 =IMSQRT("3-4j") 2-j
5 =IMSQRT(COMPLEX(3, 4)) 2+i

Related functions

IMPOWER: The IMPOWER function returns a complex number raised to a power.

COMPLEX: The COMPLEX function creates a complex number, given real and imaginary coefficients.


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