Publishing a chart to a webpage or blog post

Publishing allows you to make your chart available to the whole world. When you publish your chart, you get HTML code that you can add to a website. Then, anyone who visits the site where you pasted the code can see the chart.

Follow these steps to publish your chart for others to view:

  1. Click your chart to show its frame.
  2. Click the chart menu in the upper left of the chart’s frame.
  3. Select Publish chart...
  4. You'll see a dialog with an HTML script. Copy this code by selecting Ctrl + C on a PC or Cmd + C on a Mac.
  5. Paste this script into any HTML page, and you'll see the chart and the data represented in the chart.
When you publish a chart that is on the same sheet as the data represented in the chart, that sheet will be published. When you publish a chart that is on a different sheet than the data represented in the chart, the entire workbook will be published.

Alternatively, you can publish the spreadsheet containing your chart. Learn how to publish a spreadsheet.

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